Before purchasing test preparation/study guide materials for the WEST-B or WEST-E tests sold by third party vendors, be certain the test codes indicated on the materials match the codes for WEST-B and WEST-E tests. Some materials say, "WEST-B Health/Fitness" or "WEST-E Biology" but use the test codes for Praxis II tests. Those materials may not be fully aligned with the WEST-B or WEST-E tests. 

Educator assessment requirements for Washington State

The assessment department of the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) manages all mandated educator assessments. The Washington State Legislature directed the PESB to establish the educator assessment system, including: 

  • The WEST-B (Washington Educator Skills Test Basic), an assessment of basic skills in reading, mathematics and writing.

    • WEST-B alternatives: Alternative to the WEST-B basic skills for all teacher candidates.
    • WEST-B equivalent tests: Equivalent basic skills out of state candidates may use in lieu of WEST-B.

    • The WEST-E(Washington Educator Skills Tests Endorsements), an assessment of content knowledge required for an endorsement.
      • WEST-E equivalent tests: Equivalent content knowledge assessments out of state candidates may use in lieu of WEST-E.

    • PPA (Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment)  an assessment for certified teachers adding an endorsement via pathway 2 (for some institutions, pathway 3 as well).

    • Praxis II, an assessment for those seeking certification in School Psychologist, and School Counselor.

    • ProTeach Portfolio, an online electronic portfolio assessment teachers complete to earn the professional certificate, a mandated second tier license. 

    • ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), an assessment for those seeking endorsements in Bilingual Education and designated world languages.

    • edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment), an online electronic portfolio assessment preservice candidates complete during student teaching.  
    • ASLPI (American Sign Language Proficiency Interview), a holistic language evaluation used to determine global ASL proficiency.