Archived Assessment Workgroups

Multiple Endorsements Scenarios Work group
Purpose of the PESB scenarios work group: 
PESB Members directed by our Board members to prepare scenarios that might guide candidates for the most frequently combined endorsements.
Other important information related to the multiple endorsements scenarios work group. 
  • Board adopted scenario documents and has directed institutions to provide a scenario document for candidates exiting a program with multiple endorsements as guidance for candidates.
Purpose of PESB edTPA Alignment Work Group: 
PESB Members directed staff to convene a stakeholder work group to examine the use of the TPA and student teaching placements for pre-service candidates seeking to exit preparation programs with multiple endorsements. 
Other important information related to edTPA alignment
  • Board adopted alignment tables as recommended by work group. Alignment tables to be used as guides for institutions and will review in one year. For more information see edTPa policies
Purpose of PESB PPA-C Work Group:
The original PPA was developed for pre-service candidates exiting teacher preparation programs. Because the instrument’s intended use was with pre-service teachers, the Board is requesting that staff convene a stakeholder’s work group for the purpose of re-packaging the PPA to better reflect the knowledge and skills that veteran teachers possess.
Other important information related to PPA-C