edTPA Alignment Tables Work Session Agenda
PESB, OSPI and Dept. of Early Learning 
October 15, 2012

edTPA Alignment Tables work group website: http://assessment.pesb.wa.gov/home/wk-grps/edtpa-align-tbls

Welcome and introductions

  • Charge from the Board:
    • PESB Members directed staff to convene stakeholder work groups to examine the use of the edTPA and student teaching placements for pre-service candidates seeking to exit preparation programs with multiple endorsements. 
    • Colleges of education, OSPI content specialists and Dept. of Early Learning
  • Purpose:
    • Stakeholder work group will review the alignment tables and provide recommendations for the Board’s consideration related to the number and types of:
      • Placements
      • WEST-E assessments
      • edTPA’s

Overview of Alignment Tables

  •  Alignment table of related endorsements (e.g. mathematics and chemistry);
  • Alignment table of somewhat related endorsements (e.g. middle level math and chemistry)
  • Alignment table of unrelated related endorsements (e.g. history and chemistry)

Review and Discussion

Outcomes/Recommendations/Considerations from colleges of education meeting Oct. 3, 2012

Recommendations/Considerations from OSPI/Dept. of Early Learning

  • Recommendations for Board- related, somewhat related, unrelated endorsements
  • Any endorsement pairs not covered on alignment tables?
  • What if candidate wants more than 2 endorsements?
  •  Next steps
  • Board presentation- November 8-9, 2012 ESD 112 Vancouver WA