edTPA Alignment Tables Work Session Agenda: October 3, 2012

edTPA Alignment Tables work group website:http://assessment.pesb.wa.gov/home/wk-grps/edtpa-align-tbls

 9:00-9:15 am  Welcome and introductions

 9:15-9:30 am  Housekeeping items:

       Charge from the Board:

       PESB Members directed staff to convene a stakeholder work group to examine the use of the TPA and student teaching placements for pre-service candidates seeking to exit preparation programs with multiple endorsements.

       IHE and OSPI


       Stakeholder work group will review the alignment tables and provide recommendations for the Board’s consideration related to the number and types of:


        WEST-E assessments


       Business rules:

       Stakeholder members’ attendance will be posted on the website(http://assessment.pesb.wa.gov/home/wk-grps/align-tble-info)

       Materials from each meeting will be posted to the website

       Outcomes from each meeting will be posted to the website

       PESB staff will ask 2-3 members to be present at the Board meeting to present outcomes, concerns and/or answer questions

       If there are questions about the process or outcomes, the first step is  to ask PESB staff for clarification

       Stakeholder members should not send  their position/input directly  to individual Board members. stakeholders members will be expected to provide public comment via the following established PESB protocols:

       Public testimony at the PESB meeting or;

       Submitted in writing to PESB Administrative Executive Pamela Cook at : Pamela.Cook@k12.wa.us  phone 360-725-6273;

9:30-10:30      Review and Discussion 1

       Alignment table of related endorsements (e.g. mathematics and chemistry);

       Alignment table of somewhat related endorsements (e.g. middle level math and chemistry)

       Recommendations for Board

10:30-10:45    Break

 10:45-11:45    Review and Discussion 2

       Alignment table of unrelated endorsements (e.g. mathematics and history).

11:45-12:45    Lunch Break

12:45-1:15      Continue Review and Discussion 2

       Recommendations for Board

1:15-1:30        Break

1:30-2:30        Review and Discussion 3

       Any endorsement pairs not covered on alignment tables

       What if candidate wants more than 2 endorsements?

       Recommendations to Board

2:30-3:00        Wrap up

       Next steps

       Board presentation