Department of Early Learning response to edTPA alignment work group

Recommendations from the Department of Early Learning

For the Professional Educator Standards Board

January 31, 2013


 Recommendations for EdTPA and student teaching for Early Childhood Education and multiple endorsements


  • Angela Abrams     Department of Early Learning
  • Cheri Raff             Centralia College
  • Juliet Morrison      Department of Early Learning
  • Bill Blair               Early Childhood Certified Teacher

Early Childhood Recommendations
  • Candidates will be required to pass WEST-E’s in all endorsed areas.
  • Candidates are provided field experience in all competency areas.
  • Field experience and student teaching experience in early childhood settings are required for all candidates pursuing ECE endorsements.
  • Student teaching and/or field experiences should follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children 2010 Standards for Advanced Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs.
The above recommendations should be applied to new candidates and returning professionals seeking ECE endorsement.

Questions for Further Consideration:
  • Is it possible to expand elementary education and special education course content to include birth to five years if endorsement pairings with Early Childhood Education is desired?
  • Will changes in curriculum be required for EdTPA candidates desiring multiple endorsements?
  • Is it possible for candidates to pursue multiple endorsements without increasing student resources such as course work, time and financial responsibility?