Preservice edTPA Alignment Work Group

Purpose of the work group
PESB Members directed staff to convene a stakeholder work group to examine the use of the TPA and student teaching placements for pre-service candidates seeking to exit preparation programs with multiple endorsements. 

Goals of the Work group
1) Review the draft alignment tables for related, somewhat related and unrelated endorsements;
2) Identify which endorsement parings may require specific placements and number and types of TPAs;
3) Provide the Board with recommendations for their review and discussion related to how the knowledge and skill areas of unrelated endorsements can be addressed through the TPA and student teaching placements.

Criteria for Selecting Representatives
By agreeing to select a representative to serve on the PPA-C Work Group, PESB respectfully asks the following:
  • The Association/Program/Stakeholder Group surveys a broad base of representatives to serve on the work group;
  • The Association/Program/Stakeholder Group designates a representative with experience/ background / expertise related to the charge;
  • If possible, please provide PESB with multiple representatives’ names. PESB will make the final selection of participants; 
  • The expectation is that the representative will commit to attending all meetings. In the event the designated person cannot attend meetings, PESB asks the Association/Program/Stakeholder Group to inform PESB staff and select an alternate to represent their constituency;
  • The representative will be responsible for communicating the work group’s progress, findings, outcomes and process to the constituency that they represent;
  • The representative will respond to meeting notices, outputs from meetings in a timely manner. Representatives are requested to alert PESB staff if they have questions related to meeting outputs or processes employed during the meetings;
  • Association/Programs and Stakeholder Groups are requested to provide input on the outcomes of the work group’s findings to the Board through Public testimony at the PESB meeting or submitted in writing to PESB Administrative Executive Pamela Cook at: 360-725-6273

PESB Strategic Plan Goals related to the PPA-C Work Group
Goal 1 - Ensure that educator preparation programs supply highly effective educators that meet the needs of Washington’s students;
Goal 2 - Collaboratively establish policy and system supports for quality educator development along the career continuum;
Goal 4 - Provide Policy and Programmatic support to ESD’s and school districts to ensure a quality educator workforce.

Other important information related to edTPA work group