PPA-C Invitation Letter

FROM: Patti Larriva, Director Teacher Assessments, PESB
           Mea Moore, Director, Educator Pathways, PESB

SUBJECT: Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment of Certified Teachers (PPA -C)

Date: August 16, 2012

Greetings from the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). PESB Members recognize and value the input and expertise from statewide stakeholder groups, preparation programs and professional associations as crucial to their work. PESB would appreciate your consideration of this request to forward names from your constituencies to PESB to serve on the Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment of Certified Teachers (PPA-C) Work Group.

Background information
At the March 2012 PESB meeting, PESB Members approved the continued use of the Performance Pedagogy Assessment (PPA) for certified teachers seeking to add endorsements. The original PPA was developed for pre-service candidates exiting teacher preparation programs. Because the instruments intended use was with pre-service teachers, the Board is requesting that staff convene a stakeholder work group for the purpose of re-packaging the PPA to better reflect the knowledge and skills that veteran teachers possess.

Purpose of PESB PPA-C Work Group
The goals of the PPA-C are:

1) Review the existing PPA instrument;
2) Identify which knowledge and skill areas of the PPA best reflect certified teachers ability to teach in new endorsement areas;
3) Repackage the original PPA items and scoring rubric to more appropriately align with the knowledge and skills that certified veteran teachers need to demonstrate when adding a   new endorsement;
4) Create a new observation instrument for use with certified teachers seeking to add endorsements via Pathway 2, tentatively titled Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment of Certified Teachers (PPA -C).

Criteria for Selecting Representatives to serve on the work group
By agreeing to select a representative to serve on the PPA-C Work Group, PESB respectfully asks the following:

● The Association/Program/Stakeholder Group designates a representative with experience/background/expertise related to the charge;
● If possible, please provide PESB with multiple representatives’ names. PESB will make the final selection of participants;
● PESB staff has created a webpage on the PESB website where attendance, materials, information and outcomes from each meeting will be posted. PESB asks that the work group representative utilize the webpage for updates and information related to the charge, and directs their constituents to access the webpage for information as well. In addition, expectations for participation on the work group are listed on the PESB PPAC web page at:


Logistics and Timeline
The PPA-C work group will convene in late September 2012 with one face to face meeting to establish protocols. Mileage and substitute re-imbursements will be provided by PESB. PESB staff will convene all remaining meetings using electronic meeting formats (e.g. Go to Meeting). PESB staff will present the work group recommendations at the March 2013 PESB meeting.

Confirming Participation on the PPA-C work group
Please respond to this invitation by providing PESB staff with the name(s) and e-mail addresses of your representatives. Please send this information to PESB no later than September 14, 2012. Send the selected names to:

Mea Moore, Director, Educator Pathways,
E-mail: meamoore@k12.wa.us
Phone: 360-725-6276

On behalf of PESB, we sincerely thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Patti Larriva
Mea Moore