Feedback from field

email received 8/2/13

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to the draft edTPA scenarios.

Group 1:  Elementary Ed/SpEd. The Board adopted recommendation is not the best option.  It eliminates the opportunity of candidates to experience teaching all subjects in the elementary self-contained classroom.  The options recommended by the Scenario Work Group are better.  WSU does option 2. EdTPA:  Support recommendation from Scenario Work Group—elementary edTPA (math or literacy) and competency based portfolio for SpEd.

ST Requirements:  as stated above Option 2

Group 2:  Elementary Ed/Reading: Complete reading endorsement coursework and elementary edTPa (math or literacy).

Group 3:  ElementaryEd/ELL:  Agree with recommendations

Group 4:  Mathematics/ML Math:Secondary Mathematics includes grades 5-12.  We wonder why a candidate who has this endorsement would take the time and money to earn ML math that is already covered in the Mathematics endorsement and would require paying for the Math ML edTPA.  WSU offers a middle level methods course and offers student teaching placement at the middle or high school level.    

Group 5  Elementary Ed/ML Math: Elementary candidates need to experience teaching all subjecst in the elementary self-contained classroom so student teaching placements with a ML Math endoresement should be at the upper elementary level.  Currently, we require these candidates to do observations at the end of student teaching at the middle level.  Across the state, especially in the Vancouver and Greater Puget Sound areas, we are experiencing difficulty in securing placements.  To require multiple placements will be very challenging.

Other combined endorsements that would help our teacher candidates are Social Studies/History and English/LA or the reverse.  We are finding that middle schools and in the Greater Puget Sound area some high schools are combining these two contents in blocks and are not able to place a candidate who has just Social Studies/Hist or English/LA.  We would recommend trying to find a way to add the second endorsement in a doable amount of time.

Thanks again for the chance to provide input.


Christine Sodorff

Director  Field Services and Student Teaching

College of Education

Washington State University

Pullman, WA 99164-2132