Memo for Scenarios Feedback


To:                   Deans and Directors; PESB-approved educator preparation programs

From:               Jennifer Wallace, Executive Director

Date:               July 19, 2013

RE:                  edTPA guidance for candidates seeking multiple endorsements

PESB staff was directed by our Board members to prepare edTPA scenarios that might assist programs in providing consistent, statewide guidance to candidates related to the most frequently-combined endorsements.  These draft scenarios reflect the top five commonly paired endorsements (listed below) and what candidates will need to complete to earn both endorsements.

Top 5 frequently combined endorsements:

1. Elementary Education and  Middle Level Math

2. Elementary Education and Special Education

3. Elementary Education and  Reading

4. Elementary Education and English Language Learner

5. Mathematics and Middle Level Math

The PESB enlisted and is grateful for the assistance of a work group of representatives from programs, including: 




 Bridget Walker

Elementary Ed. /Middle Level Math

Central Washington University

 Janet Spybrook

Elementary Ed. /Middle Level Math

Seattle University

 Barbara Ward 

Elementary Ed./ Special Ed

Washington State University

 Christine English

Elementary Ed./ Special Ed

Central Washington University

 Yukari Amos

Elementary Ed./ Reading

Central Washington University

 Tamara Randolph

Elementary Ed./ Reading

Walla Walla University

 Kimberly Vincent

Elementary Ed./ English Lang. Learner

Washington State University

 Mark Oursland

Elementary Ed./ English Lang. Learner

Central Washington University

 Leslie Huff

Mathematics/Middle Level Math

Saint Martin’s University

 Susie Richards

Mathematics/Middle Level Math

Washington Governors University

Feedback request:

PESB Members value and appreciate stakeholder review and feedback. Feel free to pass the draft scenarios to faculty and staff at your institution for their review and feedback. Please note that the placements, edTPA and WEST-E  sections have information that was taken directly from the alignment table that the Board acted on during the March 2013 meeting.  To this the work group members contributed additional recommendations they felt needed to be noted, so those are labeled as such in the drafts.

Questions to consider when reviewing:

1.  PESB is looking for feedback in the areas labeled; Program content requirements,  Field experience requirements, Student teaching requirements, and Decision made by.

       Are these areas missing any information?

       The work group left information as general as possible in order to be useful to all institutions.  

2.  Are there any other categories of information that need to be added that would be helpful to candidates who are considering exiting their program with multiple endorsements? 

3.  Any suggestions, comments or concerns?

Please submit your comments to PESB Director of Educator Assessments, Patti Larriva, at by August 2, 2013. We apologize for the quick turn around but we anticipate having these scenarios ready for members’ review during the September meeting.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.