Welcome Letter to Multiple Endorsement Scenario Work Group members

From: Patti Larriva Director, Educator Assessment

Subject: Multiple Endorsements Scenarios Work Group

Date: April 8, 2013

Greetings from the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). PESB staff recognize and value the input and expertise from statewide stakeholder groups, preparation programs and professional associations as crucial to their work. PESB would appreciate your consideration of this request to serve on the Multiple Endorsements Scenarios Work Group.


PESB staff has been directed by our Board members to prepare scenarios that might guide candidates for the most frequently combined endorsements. The scenarios developed will help candidates who are considering exiting their program with multiple endorsements make a responsible decision to complete such a task. The scenarios will reflect the top five commonly paired endorsements and what the candidates will need to complete to earn both endorsements. The short scenarios will be made available to all institutions to give to their candidates considering multiple endorsements.

The top five most frequently combined endorsements are listed below.

  1. Elementary Education Special Education

  2. Elementary Education Reading

  3. Elementary Education English Language Learner

  4. Mathematics Middle Level Math

  5. Elementary Education Middle Level Math

Work group schedule:



Welcome email

  • Purpose

April 8

Webinar #1( no longer than one hour)

week of April 15

Completed Scenario uploaded to Google Doc by each subgroup

April 30

Webinar #2: review all scenarios with entire work group (no longer than 1 hour)

week of May 6

PESB staff will make revisions and have draft scenarios vetted by IHE community, anWEA

week of May 20

PESB staff will complete final draft

week of June 3

All information related to this work will be available at the following link:

http://assessment.pesb.wa.gov/home/wk-grps  Please take the time to review the goals and criteria for  this work group at the following link:   http://assessment.pesb.wa.gov/home/wk-grps/scenario-work-group

Each member has been assigned to a group. The table below lists the groups, members and members’ emails.

Work group members will be sent an Outlook invitation to a webinar. The webinar will be brief, Its main purpose will be to make sure everyone understands the task at hand and to answer any questions related to the work.  The members will then meet (virtually or in person) on their own to complete their assigned scenario. The scenarios will then be uploaded to a Google document for all to review. The link(s) will be emailed to the following addresses:


Endorsement Pairing

Member name



Elementary Education and Special Education

Janet Spybrook


Elementary Education and Special Education

Dr. Bridget Walker



Elementary Education and Reading

Barbara Ward  


Elementary Education and Reading

Christine English



Elementary Education and  English Language Learner

Yukari Amos


Elementary Education and  English Language Learner

Dr. Tamara Randolph



Mathematics and Middle Level Math

Kimberly Vincent


Mathematics and Middle Level Math

Mark Oursland



Elementary Education and Middle Level Math

Leslie Huff    


Elementary Education and Middle Level Math

Susie Richards


During the week of May 6, a second webinar will be held for the whole group to make suggestions to the drafts. Staff plans to present a draft to the Board at its July Board meeting.

If you are not able to participation in this work group, please email Patti Larriva (patti.larriva@k12.wa.us) by end of the business day April 12. Only email if you are not able to participate. I know this is a short turn around time to respond and the timelines are tight, but staff are hoping to complete this work before everyone leaves for summer break.

Thank you, again, for you time and effort with this work.


Patti Larriva