Intern Evaluation Form-SPU

email sent 1/3/13 by Greg Gelderman, Certification Officer Seattle Pacific University and work group member


One of our faculty just put together the attached that we will very likely move to utilize in our teacher certification program to help connect practicum/TPA and Professional Development Plan with state evaluation criteria. He used Marzano’s model for the indicators and rubrics under each of the eight evaluation requirements (the numbers before each indicator are from Marzano).

I would propose we consider using these indicators for the PPAC “Specific Indicators” instead of the ones pulled from the old PPA that Jon and I developed since Marzano’s have more of a substantive basis of support than the PPA indicators. Regarding the rubrics I would suggest/propose one of the following:

1. The rubrics be eliminated, rather just use “Not met” as we had on our draft form, or

2. Include the rubrics and use them as a checklist and evaluator could check the appropriate box and we could still require documentation if “1-Unsatisfactory” is checked.

I know this is kind of late, but would at least like this considered because of its much stronger research base of support.


Intern Evaluation Form