PPA-C Agenda

November 14, 2012


2:00-2:15 pm  Discussion regarding overarching questions

    1. Do we need to address / or are there concerns with using Standards/criteria that were originally developed for teacher evaluations for the purposes of licensure? (e.g., adding an

       endorsement to a teacher certificate)

    2. Are there unintended consequences related to multiple edTPAs for preservice candidates that would result in their choice to postpone earning multiple endorsements at 

       preservice level in favor of adding them post certification.

              For example: A preserrvice candidate faces completing two edTPAs vs. a certified teacher adding an endorsement by completing one PPA-C.

2:15-2:35 pm Discussion and edits on proposed

    a. PPA-C Framework draft

    b. Assignment (who will continue the work based on outcomes of today’s discussion/ instruments)

2:35-2:55 pm Discussion and edits on proposed

    a. Classroom and Student Characteristics

    b. Scoring Rubric

    c. Scoring Observation tool

2:55-3:00 pm Wrap-up and Next steps