PPA-C Lesson Template Draft

Completed by PPA-C group members

Instructional Plan For PPA-C

    For each PPA-C lesson, please prepare a written Instructional Plan. Include descriptions or documentation related to your assessment strategies (eg. Copy of assignments, rubrics) and any other materials or resources you will use. A sample Instructional Plan format is provided that includes the minimum requirements described below. Each college/university may have additional requirements you need to include in the Instructional Plan.

Learning Targets

            In this section of the Instructional Plan, you must list the learning targets for your lesson. The learning targets should clearly state what you expect students to know and be able to do as a result of the lesson. You should select learning targets appropriate to the Common Core State Standards, district goals, or school and classroom goals. The learning targets must be meaningful, developmentally and instructionally appropriate, focus on outcomes that can be assessed, and incorporate a multicultural perspective.

Assessment Strategies

            In this section of you plan, you must describe the assessment strategies you will use to determine that your teaching has positively impacted student learning. Provide your supervisor with descriptions or documentation related to the strategies. Your assessment strategies must measure the outcomes reflected in the learning targets. You must use multiple approaches to assessing learning and use assessment information for both formative and summative purposes. Your assessment strategies should indicate opportunities for students to self-assess and reflect on their learning.

Grouping of Students for Instruction

            Create opportunities for students to work individually and in different group arrangement that build academic competence for low status/historically marginalized students.

Instructional Materials. Resources, and Technology

            In this section, describe or provide to your evaluator the resources you plan to use for the lesson. You should describe the community resources, if any, you will use for the lesson, as well as the technology that you will use to support and enhance instruction and student learning. Materials and other resources should incorporate a transformative multicultural perspective.

Learning/ Lesson Sequence

            This section of your Instructional Plan must describe the specific learning experiences you will use to support students learning of the outcomes delineated in the learning targets. In this section put in chronological order the actions performed by both the teacher and students as the lesson will be executed. This could be represented in your plan as a sequence of events labeled T-for a teacher action and S- for student actions. The learning experiences should address multiple approaches to learning, including those that are responsive to students’ cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, language development, socio-economic status, and gender.

            You must include accommodations for the specific learning needs of students.  The learning experiences must also:

-        Account for students’’ prior knowledge, skills, experiences, and developmental levels/needs.

-        Reflect the research and principles of effective practice;

-        Engage low status/ historically marginalized students;

-        Incorporate a transformative multicultural perspective; and

-        Stimulate student problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The learning experiences must include strategies for creating an inclusive, supportive learning community, and provide opportunities for students to become intrinsically motivated and engaged in their own learning  



PPA-C Instructional Plan Template

Teacher____________________________________ Date:_____________________________________

School/District:______________________________ Supervisor:________________________________

Grade: _____________________________________ Subject: __________________________________

Unit/ Subject:__________________________________________________________________________

Lesson Title:___________________________________________________________________________


1. Learning Targets-


2. Assessment Strategies (Attach descriptions or documentation related to your strategies, label them Formative and Summative)-


3. Instructional Materials, Resources, and Technology (Attach a copy of any materials students will use during the lesson; e.g., handouts, questions to answer, and/or worksheets)


4. Grouping of Students for Instruction (Include a map of room arrangement and notes about plans for movement if applicable)-


5. Learning/ Lesson Sequence (For example, you might specify introduction, questions, learning activities, plans for scaffolding and/or differentiation options, independent practice, closure…)


PPA-C Instructional Plan Rationale

For each lesson, please respond to the questions below and provide a plan for interacting with families.


Learning Target (s)-

-Why are the learning targets appropriate for all students in the class at this time (highlight any modifications for individual students)?


Assessment Strategies-

-How do the strategies accommodate students at different developmental or achievement levels?

-How do the assessments measure the target (s)?


Learning/ Lesson Experiences-

-How do the experiences stimulate students problem solving and critical thinking?

-How do the learning experiences create an inclusive and supportive learning community?


Family Interactions –

            Describe your plan for collaboration with families to support student learning. Your plan must address how you will use personal contact (e.g., telephone, home visit, written correspondence) to communicate with families. Your plan for collaboration with families may extend beyond the specific lesson you are teaching for the observation and may incorporate plans that are part of the larger unit of instruction. Prior to the observation of your teaching, provide your evaluator with copies of any materials you plan to use in your planned interactions with families.