NES replacement for WEST-E 

At the March 2013 Board meeting, the members selected the National Evaluation Series (NES) as the assessment to be used to replace selected WEST-E exams to meet the content knowledge exams.  NES will be administered beginning September 3, 2014.  The endorsement timeline chart shows when and which WEST-E exams will transition to the NES.

*In cases where a candidate has attempted one or both subtests on the WEST-E Elementary Education exam but has only passed one subtest by Aug. 31, 2014, then the candidate may take the equivalent subtest on the NES Elementary Education exam to meet the content knowledge skills requirement. WAC 181-02-003

WEST-E Elementary Education exam                                          Equivalent NES Elementary Education exam
Subtest 1 (Math, Science, Health/Fitness)                                    Subtest 2 (Math, Science, Art/Health/Fitness)
Subtest 2 (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Arts)              Subtest 1 (English Language Arts, Social Studies)

For information on the NES and passing scores please visit: NES Information .