Important Information regarding registration of NES prior to September 3, 2014

As previously announced, the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) adopted the National Evaluation Series™ (the NES®) in place of some Washington Educator Skills Tests (WEST) at its March 2013 meeting. The transition to the NES launches in the 2014-15 program year, as indicated on the WEST website ( Registration for the 2014-15 program year, for both WEST and NES tests, will be available on the WEST website beginning September 3, 2014, with test appointments available as soon as September 4, 2014.

By waiting to register through the redeveloped WEST website that will be available on September 3rd, an examinee’s test results will be automatically provided to the OSPI and up to three Washington institutions selected from a list of PESB-approved score report recipients. 

If an examinee chooses to register before Sept. 3rd for a NES test through the general NES website, her or his test results will not be available to the OSPI or to any Washington institution. To report the test results to any Washington State entity, the examinee will need to complete a request form, available for download on the general NES website. The fee for additional copies of test results is $40 per recipient and may be paid by money order or cashier’s check. The recipient will then need to hand enter the test results into any local database; the test results will not be sent electronically or uploaded to ResultsAnalyzer™.