Become a ProTeach Support Provider

PESB does not regulate support providers, but will publish support providers' contact information on the PESB website. In order to be included on that chart, support providers are required to meet all of the following conditions (those who fail to meet one or more condition will not be included in the chart):

  1. Attend the annual training for support providers.  Now available, 2014 annual training recording for those that missed the live training.
  2. Provide PESB with contact information to display on the PESB website.
  3. Keep your contact information current and send in changes as needed throughout the year. 
  • Those that fail to attend annually will have their information removed from the support provider chart. There is now an option of listening to a recording of the training. If an individual listens to the annual training recording, he/she may be added back to the website chart by following the procedure listed below.
  • Those who attend the training annually and provided their information to PESB, will have their information displayed on the support provider chart for 1 year.
  • All support providers who attend the annual training (or viewed the recorded training) and wish to have their information displayed on PESB's support provider website will need to submit the following information to Patti Larriva:
      • Contact Name
      • Contact phone number (for candidate use)
      • Program complete address (operation location)
      • Program name
      • Contact email (for candidate use)
      • Enrollment information (available grad. credits, face to face, online, etc...)
      • Working link to support provider website (if one is available, and do not use school district's or university's main website.)
This website page is provided as a convenience to teacher candidates seeking help with their ProTeach Portfolio. PESB does not promote or endorse any support providers and the candidates are free to choose any program displayed on the chart or any other independent source.

2015 Support Provider training recorded webinar  is now available. 

Important Links

This page is available on the Washington ProTeach Portfolio page (ETS). The intent of this page is to have resources for programs/individuals that are providing support to candidates. If you have resources that you would like to share, please consider submitting it to ETS for their review.