Washington edTPA Frequently Asked Questions

When will the edTPA be required for all preservice candidates? 

The following edTPA handbooks are consequential as of January 2014 for all preservice candidates:
Elementary Literacy, Elementary Math, Early Childhood Education, Secondary Math, Secondary ELA, Secondary Science, Secondary History/Social Studies, K12 Performing Arts, Special Education, K12 Physical Education, and World Language.
For all other subjects; candidates will be required to submit portfolios to be scored by Pearson and institutions will use vendor scores to determine if candidates have satisfactorily met the assessment requirement for program completion.

Will preservice candidates exiting programs with multiple endorsements be required to complete the edTPA twice? 

The Board took action on this item at the March 2013 meeting.  This decision is available for review by visiting edTPA policies. 

Will Pathway 2 or Pathway 3 candidates be required to complete the edTPA?

Pathway 2:  PESB's Board approved the continued use of the PPA as a requirement for veteran teachers who are seeking to add an endorsement by completing Pathway 2. 

Pathway 3:  For veteran teachers seeking an add-on endorsement through completion of an approved university endorsement program, use of the PPA is optional.  

What is the difference between the national and the Washington version of the edTPA?

The Washington version contains all content present in the national version with the addition of a student voice component.

What will the edTPA cost and when will preservice candidates be expected to pay?

Teacher candidates are paying an assessment fee of $300.

Will a fee waiver be available for preservice  candidates? 

Yes, each institutions have a limited amount of vouchers for their candidates.

Is there a statewide video permission form available? 

Yes.  These are now posted and available, visit edTPA forms

Can we use any and all writing (for future examples and program improvement, etc) from our students that they submitted for their edTPA field test (all 15 rubrics)? Related to this, when candidates submit their information do they ‘sign away’ program access to their submissions? 

For internal program planning and evaluation use only, programs do not need candidate permission to look at their edTPAs, any more than they need candidate permission to look at how a common course assignment is working and make revisions.  For external audiences (e.g., accreditation reviewers) and to share a candidate’s materials (all or part) with other candidates, they do need the candidate’s permission.  Also, unless permission to share for purposes other than the edTPA assessment process (including program improvement) were included in the permission form signed by parents/guardians, then that permission needs to be obtained as well.  Note that candidate materials shared need not include the video to be useful.

You may also find Pearson's Frequently Asked Questions to be informative.