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edTPA updates SCALE

posted Dec 12, 2012, 8:56 AM by Jisu Ryu

email sent August 30, 2012 through TPAC Online.

As the new academic year begins, please review these resources and updates we've made available for a new year with edTPA.

edTPA Implementation Conference

The edTPA Implementation Conference will be convened November 2-3, 2012 at the University of San Diego. The conference is an annual two-day gathering of higher education administrators, faculty and supervisors and state education agencies (SEAs) who are seeking to deepen their understanding of the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) and  network within a learning community of edTPA users. Whether a state or program is brand new to edTPA, in the beginning stages of implementation and/or has established policy for teacher performance assessment and is preparing for full implementation, the conference is structured to support this wide range of needs.  Attendees will benefit from attending workshops and discussions that support implementation and emphasize edTPA’s educative elements for candidates and its program renewal potential. Please plan ahead, block out the dates and make travel arrangements. Pre-registration will be available in the beginning of September.



Friday, November 2nd

8:00am: Conference check-in

9:00 am: Keynote address by Linda Darling Hammond

10:30am – 5pm: Breakout sessions

5pm: Networking Reception


Saturday, November 3rd

8:30am: Conference check-in

9am: Plenary session                

10am-4pm: Breakout sessions


2012 – 2013 Handbooks: Timeline and Changes

The field test data are being used to fine-tune assessment tasks and scoring rubrics and to set recommended edTPA passing standards, a task being completed by the TPAC Design Team, which consists of experts and representatives from edTPA institutions. The Design Team has been working diligently to complete the Operational edTPA Handbooks based on results and feedback from the 2011-2012 field test. At the time of this writing edTPA Handbooks for all 17 subject areas have been revised by Stanford and delivered to Pearson for formatting and distribution. Pearson will begin distribution of the final formatted versions in mid-September. Information on Handbook access from the Pearson edTPA website will be distributed to edTPA Coordinators at that time.

A document listing the major changes that were made to the handbooks can now be found on TPAC Online in the Handbook Information section of the Info tab.


Special Education Handbook

In the 2011-12 year, separate handbooks for Special Education (one for inclusive settings and one for separate settings) were used. Using feedback from the field test, the Design Team has determined that Special Education will have one consolidated handbook during the 2012-2013 year. The new Special Education handbook will be available in January 2013 and undergo additional field testing in the winter/spring of 2013. For institutions who were involved in the 2011-12 field test and want to maintain continuity with Special Education candidates participating in the assessment, please use the Pre-Release version of the Special Education handbooks along with the summary of changes to guide your work with candidates. The Pre-Release versions of the Special Education handbooks  are available by following the link.


Special Education Webinar

Save the date! A webinar discussing Special Education in edTPA will be hosted from 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET on Tuesday, October 9th. The webinar is intended for faculty who work with special education candidates who will be completing an edTPA assessment.  It will provide an overview of changes from the Spring 2012 Field Test handbooks and highlight the main features of the Spring 2013 handbook tasks and rubrics.  It will conclude with some advice on preparing special education candidates for the edTPA.  A registration link will be made available shortly – keep an eye out for updates via email and on TPAC Online.

Presenters: Kelli Appel, Illinois State University; Cheryl Hanley Maxwell, University of Wisconsin Madison


Release of IHE Field Test Reports

On August 17th, reporting contacts from IHEs participating in the field test received Field Test summary reports. The report each institution received included both an institution summary and a national summary, allowing IHEs to compare their performances to that of all the field test participants. Each institution received summary information based on only their institution and did not receive information regarding any other institution.


edTPA Public Website

On August 2nd, it was our pleasure to announce the launch of the new edTPA website

This public site shares basic information about edTPA, which has now grown to include more than 160 institutions of higher education and 25 states.  Designed to introduce the public and institutions of higher education that are not TPAC members to edTPA and to provide TPAC participants with information and materials for dissemination, the new edTPA site provides these and other useful features:

  • Detailed background information, goals, project status and state policy updates on edTPA
  • A thorough set of frequently asked questions, rich resources and easy steps for how to get involved in edTPA
  • The latest news updates and testimonials from your peers and teacher candidates who have experienced edTPA

Please note that materials intended exclusively for edTPA implementers will continue to be stored on the participants-only TPAC Online community.

We invite you to explore the site, visit it regularly as we add engaging new content, and provide feedback on what you like and what else you would like to see. We look forward to continuing to work together on this important effort.


edTPA in the News



New Assessment Process for Teacher Candidates Focuses on Teaching Skills, Providing Data to Teacher Preparation Programs

edTPA, a new assessment process that focuses on the skills and abilities of aspiring teachers, will be available nationally beginning this fall. Formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA), edTPA was developed by Stanford University in collaboration with teachers and teacher educators to help prepare incoming teachers to succeed with all students in all schools.

Click here to read the full press release.



An article written by Marcy Singer-Gabella, edTPA coordinator of Vanderbilt University, has been published in the Hechinger Report. The opinion piece, entitled “New Way of Testing Rookie Teachers Could Be a Game Changer”, focuses on edTPA as an answer to challenges associated with teacher preparation and effectiveness. To read the full article, click the link below:

New Way of Testing Rookie Teachers Could Be a Game Changer



Linda Darling-Hammond’s recent article on teacher education reform, published in Inside Higher Ed, focuses on the strengths of edTPA as a valid accountability tool and agent of professionally-led reform.  To read the full essay, “Real Teacher Ed Reform”, follow the link below. The article was subsequently republished in The Washington Post’s Answer Sheet.

Real Teacher Ed Reform



feature article in The New York Times offered an in-depth look at the purpose, goals and design elements of the edTPA. In the piece, edTPA officials and participants discuss the initiative’s progress and the impact it stands to have on the educator preparation profession.


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