edTPA Communications (old)

This page will contain all update notifications that are meant for all Washington approved teacher preparation programs that are administering the edTPA. PESB will notify the designated person about updates concerning edTPA policies, procedures or processes as they become known.

March 2013
edTPA policies (emailed to edTPA coordinators)

December 2012
Field test voucher survey (emailed to edTPA coordinators)

November 2012
edTPA Updates from SCALE (events, handbooks, resources and extended field test)

October 2012
Field Test Extension Announcement 

September 2012
edTPA update (update from PESB Board meeting)
edTPA policy update/timeline (consideration of PESB's Board members regarding edTPA policies)

August 2012
edTPA update from PESB (submission windows, spec ed handbooks, additional handbooks, policy timeline)
Announcement of edTPA

June 2012
Special Education Handbooks Notice from SCALE
TPA Updates for Fall 2012 (handbooks for field/operational, logistics of fall field test, policy updates)

May 2012
TPA Rubric Orientation Webinar (in depth review of scoring)

April 2012
Generic Handbooks
Video consent forms

January 2012
Washington's TPA Field Test Scoring Submission timeline

December 2011
Communications: Q & A
Scoring Window