edTPA Update (from PESB Board meeting)

emailed 9/21/2012

Deans and Directors, PESB-approved teacher preparation programs:

Because field trial data has not been fully released by Stanford University, and thus could not be reviewed by the PESB technical advisory committee, the Board was unable to make an informed decision related to a date when the assessment will be required for candidates. Data we were able to consider, along with the changes proposed for the latest handbook revisions, prompts concerns about readiness of both the instrument and programs for use in high-stakes decisions. Ray Pecheone from Stanford University joined the Board discussion by phone and echoed his understanding that the Board may want to extend the field trial period.

The Board greatly appreciated the input from WACTE members presented by Dennis Sterner and heard both a commitment to continued administration, and concern about the current project timeline when the assessment will be consequential for candidates. It is important for programs to recall that the Board has not set a consequential date and took no action today to do so. In addition, no contractual arrangement exists that locks us into a timeline.

Large questions remain which we will make every effort to address for the Board's November agenda. Among the largest is if Washington programs continue to administer the edTPA during an extended field trial period, who will incur the cost for external scoring? All seemed to agree that external scoring would yield a new round of field trial data necessary for the Board and WACTE to have greater confidence in the readiness of the assessment and programs for high-stakes decisions.

I realize this is not as conclusive a message as you would like to hear. The Board is moving cautiously in response to available information, and is very cognizant of program concerns. The edTPA steering committee continues to meet and we encourage programs to work through the WACTE representatives on the steering committee to voice your questions and concerns. As soon as we have more details of the next steps we will get that information to you.

The PESB members and staff greatly appreciate the work that you, faculty, supervisors, candidates and mentor teachers have done to date. Thank you for your efforts and commitment to what we believe has the potential to be a beneficial assessment instrument for preservice candidates and programs.