List of changes to rubrics and handbooks now available

This information is taken from the email sent by SCALE on Aug. 8th. It is important to note that there are changes to the operational handbooks (winter '12. spring '13). 

2012 – 2013 Handbooks: Timeline and Changes

The field test data are being used to fine-tune assessment tasks and scoring rubrics and to set recommended edTPA passing standards, a task being completed by the TPAC Design Team, which consists of experts and representatives from edTPA institutions. The Design Team has been working diligently to complete the Operational edTPA Handbooks based on results and feedback from the 2011-2012 field test. At the time of this writing edTPA Handbooks for all 17 subject areas have been revised by Stanford and delivered to Pearson for formatting and distribution. Pearson will begin distribution of the final formatted versions in mid-September. Information on Handbook access from the Pearson edTPA website will be distributed to edTPA Coordinators at that time.

A document listing the major changes that were made to the handbooks can now be found on TPAC Online in the Handbook Informationsection of the Info tab.