edTPA Field Test Extended through August 2013

Email sent to Deans and Directors from Jennifer Wallace, PESB Executive Director 10/10/2012. 

Deans and Directors, PESB-Approved Teacher Preparation Programs:

In follow-up to our earlier email below, I hope you will find the attached letter welcome news.  We have negotiated with Pearson and they have generously agreed to cover the cost of continued field trial of the edTPA through August, 2013.  

While the Board has not formally acted to establish a date when the edTPA will be required for completion of a PESB-approved teacher preparation program, for your planning and ours the Board expressed its intent and we have all operated under a work plan that anticipated this would be Spring, 2013.  Now that Pearson has reset the date when the edTPA will be fully operational until September 2013 and will cover the cost of scoring for 2,000 candidates through August 2013, the PESB, staff and programs will need to adjust plans and timelines.  As such, PESB staff will bring to the Board in November this new timeline and offer from Pearson.  The Board will have the option to reset its intended consequential date until September, 2013.  However, we will also suggest that the Board maintain its plan to fully review field trial data and consider the review and recommendations of the Technical Advisory Committee as to whether all assessments and all rubrics are fully operational prior to affirming that date.   This is what was originally anticipated for September 2012 and now would need to occur by July 2013 in order to be fully consequential at the time candidates will incur cost for this assessment in September 2013.  

Thank you for your continued commitment to this important work.

Jennifer Wallace

Executive Director

Professional Educator Standards Board