November Board Meeting Outcomes

edTPA action

Timeline (data and technical report)

1. Spring field test completed Jan-May 2013—80-90% of candidates included

2. Quality control conducted by Pearson (mid June)

3. National and Washington standard setting completed (late June/early July)

4. Analyses of WA data and verification of analyses (mid to late June 2013)

5. Preparation of report to WA TAC (July early Aug)

6. All Washington and National data reviewed by TAC (mid to late Aug)

7. Recommendations presented to Board (Sept. Board meeting)

Board action regarding consequentiality of edTPA

1. Board’s intention to accept timeline (listed above) with candidates taking edTPA at no cost until September 2013.

2. After September 2013, candidates are expected to pay for submitting edTPA.

3. At the November 2013 Board meeting, members will adopt a cut score.

4. Beginning January 2014, edTPA will be consequential to all candidates using the state adopted cut score.

5. The PESB reserves the right to delay any decisions regarding the consequentiality of the edTPA if all data and information is delayed or if data or TAC recommendations suggest a delay.