TPA Updates for Fall 2012

Fall 2012
  • Scoring for fall quarter/semester 2012 will be an extension of the field test. Candidates fees will not apply during this time.
  • Candidates will be required to use the field test handbooks (same ones used during the spring 2012).
  • Institutions are responsible for local remediation and re-scoring during the fall 2012.
  • Fall quarter/semester candidates must use fall submissions and scoring windows, which will be announced later this summer.  Note the TPA Field Test site will be closed for submissions after June 22, 2012.
Winter/Spring 2013 
  • Candidates in winter or spring 2013 will use the new handbooks/templates, distributed by Pearson on a phased release schedule, September-October 2012. No candidate submitting a portfolio in January 2013 and beyond will use the field test handbooks.
  • The fee for submitting the TPA to Pearson will apply to any candidate submitting their portfolio beginning January 2013.
  • New submission and scoring system are expected to be in place March/April 2013.
  • Special Education TPAs will undergo additional field testing and will not be consequential.
Policy updates 
  • Board Approved the continued use of PPA for veteran teachers who are wishing to add on an endorsements. 
  • The Board will be reviewing information at the July 2012 board meeting regarding pre-service candidates who are wishing to earn multiple endorsements. 
  • Board approved use of Elementary Literacy and Mathematics handbooks, randomly assigned with balance assignment of handbooks (40%-60%).
  • Board approved unlimited amount of retakes for candidates.
  • PESB approved video consent forms are now available for institutions.
Please remember information and communications are sent out periodically and it is essential that your institution's contact information is kept current with PESB and Pearson.