Communication: Where to go for Q & A

Questions Related to the TPA

As we continue with the TPA field test, PESB knows that there will be questions and clarifications that need to be addressed at your campus quickly. The following procedure will help all institutions and individuals receive their answers in an efficient and timely manner. Please share the following with all faculty involved in the TPA during the field test: 
  1. Join the Ning TPA online. There is a wealth of information on this site. There is a section just for Washington as well as all the other states that are involved in the TPA (see “Groups” under the “People” tab) If you do not have access to this site please email Rachel Popham at 
  2. Once at the Ning, click on the Info tab at the top right hand corner. This has FAQ, Discussions, Materials, Announcements, and Parking Lot Q&A. You can find many answers in this area. 
  3. Use the Parking Lot to post questions. Your questions will be answered fairly quickly. 
  4. If your question is specifically related to the WA TPA version, make sure that you are either looking in the WA group for your answers or posting your questions clearly stating that this is a WA specific question. 
  5. WA specific questions are related to the Student Voice rubrics and prompts or Washington specific scoring and training timelines 
  6. You can go to the PESB Assessment website for TPA information
  7. If your question is not answered to your satisfaction, you may email your question to