WEST-B/E transition to computer-based tests

January 2013

Dear Deans and Directors:

Please forward this letter to pertinent staff/faculty at your institution.  A program-wide expansion to enhance and support the services that are offered for the Washington Educator Skills Tests (WEST) program is underway. Beginning June of 2013, paper-based tests (PBT) will transition to computer-based delivery over a seven-month period. All WEST tests will be available on computer as of January 2014.

To accommodate these enhancements, changes to paper-based administrations and paper-based test sites are necessary beginning in June of 2013. Paper-based administrations for 2013 will be in February, April, June, August, and October. The last paper-based administration for the WEST program will be conducted in October of 2013.

The attached table details the availability of each test during this transition period. The WEST program website will be updated to include this information as well as paper-based test sites that will be impacted due to reduced paper-based administrations.

Please review these materials thoroughly in order to prepare your teacher candidates for these impending changes. These materials are not intended for candidate distribution. Candidates should gain access to these materials only through the WEST program website (www.west.nesinc.com). At the end of this month, look on the homepage under “Important News” for these updates.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.


 Patti Larriva

Director, Educator Assessment

(360) 725-6277


 Availability of WEST during transition to CBT chart