The assessment will have shared core content plus some state-specific elements. (RCW 28A.410.270(2)(b)). As of January 2014, the edTPA became consequential for all preservice candidates completing an approved Washington teacher preparation program. (RCW 28A.410.280)  

 edTPA policies (all policies, passing scores and consequential dates adopted by the PESB Board)  

Sample Forms

Sample forms listed above have been reviewed and approved by PESB's Assistant Attorney General (AAG). Washington's institutions are here by granted use of these forms but may not use PESB's logo or name on the form. The AAG has recommended that items contained in these forms should remain in tact; however, institutions may add additional information to fit their institutions' needs by downloading the form as a word doc.  To do so, open the document, click "File" select "Download As", "Microsoft Word Doc". 

PESB's Official edTPA Informational Materials

Official informational materials are provided for institutions to use with teacher candidates, school districts, cooperating teachers and the general public. These materials are not to be altered if used with PESB's logo and name. If an institution wishes to add information to any of the documents above to fit their needs, the institution must use only their logo and name. 

Handouts to share with stakeholders

Important edTPA Websites

  • edTPA (registration, candidate, faculty info.)
  • AACTE's edTPA  (general info regarding the edTPA, Online Community, Resource Library)

Important Links

Teacher candidates with  questions about edTPA registration, submissions, and reporting, please contact edtpa-customer-support@pearson.com 

Faculty with questions about edTPA resources, please contact edtpa@aacte.org