ProTeach Portfolio 

Background of the Washington ProTeach Portfolio

In 2007 the Washington Legislature enacted SSSB 5955, Chapter 402, to direct the PESB to set standards and to develop, pilot and implement an external and uniform assessment. As a result, teachers are required to meet the passing score on the ProTeach Portfolio in order to earn the professional certificate. To meet the passing score on the ProTeach Portfolio, teachers must demonstrate the required knowledge and skills (WAC 181-79A-207) that demonstrate a positive impact on student learning. The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) further clarifies that such a teacher is defined as "a teacher, through instruction and assessment, who has been able to document students' increased knowledge and/or demonstration of a skill or skills related to the state goals and/or essential academic learning requirements" (WAC 181-78A-010(8)).

Important Links

 For more information visit Expiring Residency Certificate 

As stated under the residency certificate timeline, those who meet the qualifications will be granted a 2 year renewal by registering for the ProTeach Portfolio. However, candidates will still be required to complete their portfolios by the due dates they have selected when registering for the ProTeach Portfolio.

Please note a ProTeach Portfolio may be completed by a teacher candidate even if he/she not currently teaching in Washington state. See ProTeach Portfolio FAQ .

A Word of Caution

Each entry in your ProTeach Portfolio, whether initial or resubmitted, must be entirely your work. While the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) encourages collaborative teaching and utilizing a support provider, each entry must be distinctly your own work. Software is utilized to scan all written commentary for overlap with previous submissions or with another candidate's submissions. If such overlap is detected, scores will be voided and an investigation with the ETS Office of Testing Integrity(OTI) may be initiated. Results of all investigations conducted are forwarded to PESB (WAC 181-87-050) WAC 181-87-050: establishes misrepresentation of teacher assessments for certification constitutes unprofessional practice and is subject to investigation by the Office of Professional Practice (OPP). 

PESB reviews OTI's results to determine if sufficient evidence of unprofessional practice is warrant to request an investigation by OPP.