Washington Educator Skills Test Basic (WEST-B)

WEST-B:  The Professional Educator Standards Board established the Washington Educator Skills Test Basic (West-B) as a requirement for admission to PESB-approved teacher preparation programs in August of 2002.(RCW 28A.410.220Passing the WEST-B is also required of persons from out-of-state seeking a Washington State residency teaching certificate. The WEST-B consists of three sub-tests that measure the basic skills in reading, mathematics, and writing. All three sub-tests must be passed to meet the WEST-B requirement. 

WEST-B Alternatives: Individuals seeking admission to a state approved educator preparation program may submit evidence of a score on an assessment deemed of equal rigor by the professional educator standards board, such as the SAT or ACT, in lieu of the WEST-B.
WEST-B Extension:  Individuals applying for a Washington State residency teaching certificate who have completed a teacher preparation program in another state or country may be eligible for an extension to the WEST-B requirement.
WEST-B Exemption:  Under certain circumstances, there are exemptions for individuals who are prepared and/or certified out-of-state applying for a Washington State teacher residency certificate or out-of-state candidates applying to master level/post baccalaureate  teacher preparation programs in the state of Washington.