Professional Growth Plans (PGPs)

Why PGPs?
Clock hours at no cost for work you are already doing

Why PGPs? - a one-page flyer for educators on the PGP process. 
PGP Forms and support materials - for certificate renewal and program completion
PGP FAQ - Find more information
Certification and PGPs - links to certification information and linkages between certification and PGPs

Imagine these scenarios!
  • A teacher creates and implements student growth goals for her focused evaluation - and now receives clock hours for her work at no cost!
  • Two teachers, a principal, and a counselor at a rural school collaborate on a year long initiative to improve school climate. They are hours from a major town, but with PGPs, these educators can acquire clock hours for activities right in their local school.
  • A science teacher attends a week long marine biology seminar on the Oregon coast. With a PGP, this teacher can use their out-of-state learning experiences to earn Washington state clock hours.
How do I complete a Professional Growth Plan?
  1. Complete the PGP template - Form 1697.
  2. Attach evidence from your focused evaluation, PLC, project, or other learning experience.
  3. Have a certificated educator in Washington state review and sign.
  4. Turn in the verification form to your HR office for consideration for salary advancement AND record in OSPI e-certification for certificate renewal. 
Who may complete a PGP? Teachers, administrators, and ESAs.
Cost: $0.00         Materials: Click for PGP Forms.  
What is a PGP for? Clock hours from PGPs are eligible for use in salary advancement, and may be used for renewal of residency, professional, and continuing certificates.
Clock hours: PGPs completed through June 30, 2018, are equivalent to 30 clock hours. Beginning July 1, 2018, PGPs are equivalent to 25 clock hours.
STEM and TPEP certificate renewal requirements may be met through PGPs.
Only one PGP may be completed each year. PGPs for certificate renewal must be completed prior to June 30 of each year.

PGPs for program completion are part of Washington state's educator preparation programs: forms.

Note: Questions about an individual's certificate or testing status should be directed to the OSPI Certification office.