PGP Forms and Support Materials

Note: Questions about an individual's certificate or testing status should be directed to the OSPI Certification office

PGPs require advance planning and specific forms. Users have requested additional guidance. Find both here.

Form 1697 PGP for Certification Renewal - to be used by all certified educators renewing a certificate via professional growth plans. An individual holding multiple certificates does not need to complete separate PGPs for each certificate held. One PGP counts towards renewal requirements for all certificates held. 
Form 1128-8-ER Annual PGP Verification - to be used to verify completion of annual professional growth plans to document continuing education credit hours (clock hours) and PGP equivalency. This verification form may be used by school districts to determine eligibility for application to the salary schedule.
PGP for Program Completion - 7/2017 template to be used by candidates for program completion requirements. This form is similar to the template used for certification renewal so that candidates will be familiar with it upon entering the educator workforce. For a personal copy of this document, go to File --> Download as --> select format you prefer.

Support Materials
Why PGPs? is a one-page flyer for educators on the PGP process. 
PGP FAQ - explore common questions about PGPs here.
Certification Standards and Benchmarks for all roles - includes residency, professional, and career
PGP Examples by Role - review exemplars to help guide PGP development
PGP Rubric - offered as assistance, not a requirement
Self-Assessment Worksheets - offered as assistance, not a requirement