School Social Worker

Standard 1. Ethics and Values

  • School social workers shall adhere to the ethics and values of the social work profession and shall use the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics as a guide to ethical decision making, while understanding the unique aspects of school social work practice and the needs of the students, parents, and communities they serve.

Standard 2. Qualifications

  • School social workers shall meet the provisions for professional practice set by NASW and their respective state department of education and possess knowledge and understanding basic to the social work profession as well as the local education system.

Standard 3. Assessment

  • School social workers shall conduct assessments of individuals, families and systems/organizations (namely, classroom, school, neighborhood, district, state) with the goal of improving student social, emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes. 


Standard 4. Intervention

  • School social workers shall understand and use evidence-informed practices in their interventions.

Standard 5. Decision Making and Practice Evaluation

  • School social workers shall use data to guide service delivery and to evaluate their practice regularly to improve and expand services.


Standard 6. Record Keeping

  • School social workers shall maintain accurate data and records that are relevant to planning, implementation, and evaluation of school social work services.

Standard 7.Workload Management

  • School social workers shall organize their workloads to fulfill their responsibilities and clarify their critical roles within the educational mission of the school or district in which they work.

Standard 8. Professional Development

  • School social workers shall pursue continuous enhancement of knowledge and skills to provide the most current, beneficial, and culturally appropriate services to students and their families.

Standard 9. Cultural Competence

  • School social workers shall ensure that students and their families are provided services within the context of multicultural understanding and competence.

Standard 10. Interdisciplinary Leadership and Collaboration

  • School social workers shall provide leadership in developing a positive school climate and work collaboratively with school administration, school personnel, family members, and community professionals as appropriate to increase accessibility and effectiveness of services.

Standard 11. Advocacy

  • School social workers shall engage in advocacy that seeks to ensure that all students have equal access to education and services to enhance their academic progress.
From the NASW Standards for School Social Work Services: